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Learning Platform
The single interface to develop and monitoring talents & tailored pathways.

Plan & Assess

Baker Hughes Learning Platform is a smart tool to assess team competencies and to identify gaps and learning objectives. The Learning Platform, also allows to plan individual career or wisely manage team professional development.


Baker Hughes Learning Platform provides a constant support to all the users, helping them to identify their knowledge gaps, classify needs, plan and attend in suitable training paths. During the execution phase, the platform represents also an efficient tool to provide training materials, planned assessment and details information about the learning course you will experience.

Interact & Engage

Baker Hughes Learning Platform gives you everything you need to create your own development path, publish contents on social media, manage and be engaged during all the training experiences (distance learning, eTraining, etc.).


Baker Hughes Learning Platform allows to measure training results and run custom reports (attendance, test scores, etc.). In addition, your training managers and supervisors will plan and tack learning activities, easily assigning classes as well as report results.


Baker Hughes Learning Platform provides services information for all the users, updating them about the latest and most innovative training solutions, the calendar courses available. With periodic communications and respecting a logic of constant learning approach, you will receive all the latest news, researches and trends of oil & gas industry.